Weekly Updates – Update Week of October 24th

In an effort to provide more communication about system development and upcoming training opportunities, we will be making weekly update posts in the Community section of the REPORTER support website. Be sure to subscribe to receive updates directly to your email if you are not already.

This week’s updates:

  • A Hotfix was moved into production last week, October 18th, to correct an issue preventing waitlist registration.
  • A major update to REPORTER is scheduled for November 1st at 5pm. This change will affect accounts in the system and may affect system performance during the update period. External users will be required to change their password as a part of this update. Click here for more details.
  • Release 3.7 is scheduled to move to production along with the account updates on November 1st. Release 3.7 includes changes such as:
    • Correction to Drop workflow
    • Expanded reports and search fields
    • Additional participant waitlist functionality
    • Clarified system messages
    • Seat visibility issues corrected
    • Financial corrections and additional reports
    • Expanded and clarified registration reports
    • Additional reported issues
  • Due to a number of people providing feedback relating to issues finding the login area, Release 3.7 will also include a change to the landing page. The login pane typically accessed in the top right of the landing page will now also be on the homepage image.
  • New training courses for using REPORTER are being developed for Course Admins, Participants, and to address Moodle integration. These trainings are geared toward Required Training users but are available to all NC State employees. A series of courses will be provided to Course Admins including a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level as well as a special Moodle Integration course. The first of these courses will be offered on November 3rd from 1:30-3pm, for which you can register for here. You must register to attend these courses. To receive an email notification when a new instance is available, be sure to add yourself to the watchlist of courses you wish to take. 
  • The Office of Information Technology will perform extended maintenance from 6 a.m. Saturday, Nov 5 through 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov 6 affecting multiple core components of the campus primary data centers. Services expected to be offline for the majority of the maintenance window include Shibboleth and WordPress which will restrict user’s ability to use REPORTER and the REPORTER help site. For more information see sysnews.