Update for the Week of November 28th

  • Training Updates
    • Please note that seating is limited and setup is done prior to training so you are required to register prior to the course’s start date.
    • Intermediate training took place this week, the next training will be December 8th at 1:30-3pm for Moodle Projects and REPORTER Integration, you can register here.
    • A new page has been added to the support site under Resources (link to training page) that detailing training available and providing instructions on how to find those courses in the catalog.
  • A hotfix will be moved into production this evening around 9pm. This hotfix will correct an issue in which upcoming instance reminders were not going out.
  • REPORTER’s next Release is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. This release will include:
    • Production support items 
    • Account management updates
  • Starting December 12th the Development Team will be upgrading their Mendix platform from Version 5.21 to Version 6. As a result, no new development will be done during the week of December 12th. There should be no noticeable change or interruption to users. We will continue to take support calls and will address any issues that may arise during that week.