2017 Quarter 2 Advisory Team Meeting

Thank you to all who were able to attend yesterday’s Quarter 2 Advisory Team Meeting. We were able to review the recent development changes as well as prioritize upcoming development for Quarter 3.  These priorities were formally submitted yesterday to the Steering Team for approval.  We will provide you with an update on their final decision.
  • For those unable to attend, the meeting notes are available here.
  • Please find the link to the 2017 Product Roadmap and Backlog – this is what we used in the Priorities decision making process.
  • We also have a new support document available.  This is a 1-page Resource Guide that contains multiple support links and resources. 
The date for the next Advisory Team Meeting is Thursday, September 21, 1 – 2:30 pm.
Please contact reporter_support@ncsu.edu if you have any questions.

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