Update for the Week of 6/26

  • Release 3.20 of REPORTER was moved to Production Thursday evening, June, 29. The compliance related changes in this release is here.
  • Below is a reminder of a few things that Course Admins with compliance courses will need to do in the near future:
    • We have added several new fields in the Compliance section on the Course Profile.  These fields will need to be filled out in order to be included in the emails that will go out to your participants.  For each course, you’ll need to fill out the following fields:
      1. Assignment Message – This will be shown in the email as the reason the person is required to take the course.  This should include a link to the appropriate PRR, if applicable.
      2. Compliance Contact Name
      3. Compliance Contact Email Address
    • You will also need to designate a Primary Course Admin.  (This does not have to be done immediately, but this person will be the only person who can untag all users on the course, so we recommend that all courses with compliance have a Primary Course Admin.)  To designate a Primary Course Admin, highlight the person in the list of Course Admins and click the “Set as Primary” button.  (See the document linked above for the tag/untag matrix.)
    • The Compliance Administrator role goes live with this release.  Anyone that you designate as a Compliance Administrator will be able to tag/untag participants to your course and view Compliance Reports.  If you have formerly added users as Course Admins so that they could tag others, you can now remove them from the Course Admin list and add them as Compliance Administrators in the Compliance section.
  • To report Production Issues and other feedback items, please continue to use the appropriate spreadsheet linked below. These spreadsheets are being monitored and updated by the respective project coordinators as items are moved through development. If you have questions regarding which spreadsheet to use, please contact us at reporter_support@ncsu.edu.
  • The next REPORTER Open Help session will be held from 1:30-3:30pm, next  Wednesday, July 5th in Avent Ferry, Room 110 and is also available remotely via Cisco WebEx.  For more details and access information, please visit https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/help-sessions/
    • You will need to log in with your Unity ID to view these details, please contact reporter_support@ncsu.edu if you experience issues
  • New training sessions will be announced pending new course development. If your department is in need of training immediately, please contact reporter_support@ncsu.edu.

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