Update for the Week of August 14th

  • The production environment was updated to address the following issues:
    • Fixed an issue preventing you from retagging a user that had been previously untagged from a course
    • Removed questionnaire responses from the response tables for participants who drop an instance
    • Fixed an issue to show the prerequisite submission area only after registration is complete
    • Fixed an issue that was causing some course admins to receive errors when creating new instances
    • Fixed an issue that allowed users to register for an instance that they had previously registered for if their final attendance was not marked complete
    • Reordered scheduled jobs to improve speed and connectivity issues
  • We are continuing to monitor issues reported last week with speed and connectivity.  If users are still experiencing delays in processing or error messages on instance creation or registration, please forward details to reporter_support@ncsu.edu.
  • New REPORTER training information has been posted at https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/home/help/training/. Here, you can view new and upcoming training including dates for when new training will be offered. 
  • The next REPORTER Open Help session will be held Wednesday, August 23rd from 9:30-11:30am in Avent Ferry Technology Center, Room 110 and is also available remotely via Cisco WebEx.  For more details and access information, please visit https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/help-sessions/.
  • To report Production Issues and other feedback items, please continue to use the appropriate spreadsheet linked below. These spreadsheets are being monitored and updated by the respective project coordinators as items are moved through development. If you have questions regarding which spreadsheet to use, please contact us at reporter_support@ncsu.edu.



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