Update for the Week of October 2nd

  • The REPORTER production environment will be updated this weekend with the following changes:
    • Added a ‘Course Report’ to the Reports section in the left sidebar menu. This report will display information about courses you administer including: Course ID, Course Name, Instance ID, Instance Start/End dates, Instance Status, Online/Classroom, Primary Instructor, Primary Course Admin
    • Added a “View by Calendar” tab in the Course Catalog.  This tab is only available to administrative users in the system for testing purposes.  Upon successful completion of testing, it will be made available for all users in future release.
    • Added additional details, such as Date/time of instance, to drop emails sent to admins
    • Removed the instructor cc: on drop request emails
    • Added instance notes to the display for the ‘View Details’ button on the my courses tab for current and completed courses
    • Updated the Manage Participants tab by: adding ability to search on completion date ranges, adding an ‘Email’ column, removing the export limit for exporting as a report
    • Clarified and simplified confirmation popups on course and instance profile edit including removing save confirmations, rewording popups, adding information behind the Save & Notify option
    • Fixed an issue with preferred names not showing in roster exports
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