Update for the week of October 16th

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated this week with the following changes:
    • Added a Calendar View to the Course catalog that all users can see, allowing them to search and view by calendar for classroom instances
    • Added a calendar prefix deeplink which can be obtained when editing a course
    • Added an ‘Add to Calendar’ option to the Order Summary page which allows users to add the event to their Google calendar
      • Please note: the Google calendar event will be created from REPORTER.  All management of the calendar event after the creation will be the responsibility of the user (i.e. schedule changes or removal of the event in the case of a cancellation or drop)
    • Added an option to “Email Instructor(s) when participants drop this instance” to the Instance Communication Preferences
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Select All’ button on the Instance Roster page was only selecting the participants on the page rather than the whole roster.  
    • Updated the Participant Liaison role so that departmental HR reps have the ability to view required training based Training Summaries for their college/division
    • Corrected an issue allowing Unity users to enter their email address on the ‘Forgot Password’ page which locked them out of their REPORTER account
    • Added a statement at the bottom of roster email messages to include the Instance Title
  • The REPORTER Team will be hosting an overview session to review upcoming compliance updates that will be made to the REPORTER system. This session is for course admins who use compliance for required training. We will demo the changes, review high level documentation and provide information about how compliance and assigning training will change with these updates.
    • Session will be held this Wednesday, October 25th; if you would like to attend please contact Lucy at latiefen@ncsu.edu for more details.
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