Update for the Week of October 23rd

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated this week with the following changes:
    • Course Admin Management was updated with a number of improvements related to assigning Course Admin access
    • Fixed Campus Map link on REPORTER Landing page
    • Fixed error messaging on the Save action for the Course Catalog Excerpt field
  • The REPORTER Team will be hosting an overview session to review upcoming Internal Payment (SUB) updates that will be made to the REPORTER system. This session is for Course and Financial Admins who accept NC State Project ID payments as a payment method for their courses.
    • Session will be held this Monday afternoon, October 30th
    • If you would like to attend please contact Jenny at jwilso10@ncsu.edu for more details.
  • Support Resources
  • Please note there was an error in last week’s update. The update was titled ‘Update for the week of October 23rd’ but was in fact the update for the week of the 16th.

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