Update for the week of November 6th

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated this week with the following changes:
    • The Moodle update last weekend caused errors with the Moodle portion of course registrations from REPORTER.  These registrations have all been fixed and a REPORTER update has been put in place to prevent updates like this from causing registration failures in the future.
    • Updated the REPORTER Login page in an effort to reduce confusion with both internal and external participants
    • Updated help links on the REPORTER landing page
    • Added additional instance information to enrollment history report
    • Updated the Enrollment Restriction section on the instance profile to include student groups that have been requested.  Please email reporter_support@ncsu.edu if your department has additional enrollment restriction needs.
    • Added Order status column to Invalid Orders tab
    • Added a more specific error message that is triggered on the save of an instance when the Schedule Block was not complete.  
    • Instructor dashboard improvements
      • Added the ‘Mark All’ option for final attendance
      • Added the option for Instructors to do Daily Attendance
      • Added the ability for Instructors to close an instance after completing attendance
      • Added Instance details to the cancellation emails instructors receive
  • Support Resources

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