Update for the Week of November 13th

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated this week with the following changes:
    • Separated the first and last name fields on Manage Participants and Assign Participants tabs on the course profile
    • Employee Training Summaries have been updated to allow supervisors to see training that they have recommended in addition to required training for their direct reports
    • The bulk import button for assigning users was not visible for compliance admins; this has been corrected
    • Corrected an issue causing users with spaces in their name to fail to connect to Moodle when registering for integrated courses
    • Updated email messages containing ‘/sso’ in the REPORTER URL to the go.ncsu.edu/reporter URL
  • The Steering Team Meeting was held Monday, November 13th
  • A major update for compliance in REPORTER is scheduled for the weekend of December 1st. To prepare Course/Compliance Admins for this update, the REPORTER team will be hosting demos, training, and help sessions for administrative users.
    • Demos: Please contact Lucy at latiefen@ncsu.edu for an invitation if you have not already received one and would like to attend
      • 11/29, 10am – 10:30am
      • 11/20, 2pm – 2:30pm
    • Training: For more details and to register for training visit REPORTER
      • 11/29, 10:30am
      • 11/30, 2:30pm
      • 12/4, 2pm
      • 12/5, 10am
    • Open Help Sessions: For details and online access information, please select the Add to GCal link
  • Support Resources

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