Update for the Week of January 2nd

  • The Mendix platform, on which REPORTER is built, was upgraded to the latest 7.x version Wednesday evening, January 3rd. This was a platform upgrade only, there are no functionality changes to the application.  This upgrade allows us to take advantage of some of the new tools of the platform and is required to keep security requirements current.
  • The REPORTER production environment was updated with the following changes last week:
    • Corrected an issue causing some users to be told there was an issue connecting them to Moodle when there was no error
    • Added ‘Pesticide Treatment Credit (PEST)’ as an option in Course setup for professional credit options
    • Fixed an issue where the “Allow Alternative” option for compliance courses was not accepting the ‘No’ input, causing some users to have the ability to submit external courses
    • Fixed an issue preventing creation of accounts in the cart
    • Added code to prevent participants from clicking the Submit button multiple times when creating a new REPORTER account
    • Added a column to the Watchlist tab under Course Edit to show the date and time someone was added to the watchlist
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