Update for the week of February 26th

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated this week with the following changes:
    • Updates to the pay later email template and payment reminder emails
    • Added search fields to the Compliance by Participant report, including 2-Digit OUC, 4-Digit OUC, Compliance Status, Course ID, and Course Title
    • Corrected an issue with historical completion uploads not correctly updating the completion date in compliance records
    • Improved process for archiving requirements and copying assigned participants
    • Updated the registration webservice to prevent duplicate registrations to completed instances
    • Added additional search fields to the Finance > Orders pages
    • After emailing your roster, the system was redirecting to the homepage — this has been updated so that your remain in the roster after sending the message.
    • Supervisors can now access training summaries from the ‘Participant Management’ panel on the left side menu. This is in addition to the existing ability to get these from the My Team tab
    • Participants can now download attachments from the My Account > Contact History tab
    • Once an instance is marked canceled, the field will be uneditable even if you don’t save the change — you will receive a popup confirming the change before it’s permanent.
    • Unpublished courses are now being hidden when using the Prefix deeplink
    • Financial Admins can now add comments on the Payment Details page
    • Added the option to Generate a Door Sign on the Instance Roster tab
    • Added completion date columns to rosters on the Registration Reports pages
  • The Office of Information Technology will be performing extended maintenance on multiple campus systems this weekend. During this time, unity account logins, registrations from REPORTER to Moodle, and completion postings from Moodle could be affected. For more details please visit: https://sysnews.ncsu.edu/news/5a73665c
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