Update for the week of May 6th

This week’s update is longer than usual but it includes many great details about new development, a Moodle outage, and new training — so be sure to check out each section of the update!


REPORTER Development Updates

  • REPORTER was updated May 4 – May 5, during which time the Production environment was moved to Amazon Web Services. Click here for more information
  • The REPORTER production environment will be updated this weekend with the following changes:
    • General updates
      • Updated to the cart to allow easier navigation for users
      • Changed the Add to Cart functionality in the Course Catalog so you can add multiple instances before proceeding to the cart
      • Course and Instance fields that are empty are now being hidden from the course catalog display (shown when you click course or instance title in the Course Catalog)
      • Training summaries now sort by completion date with the most recently completed at the top
      • Updated print options for training summaries – you can print all or just those you select
      • Added a tab in the LMS Post Log on Moodle integrated instances to show when users have been unenrolled from the associated Moodle course
      • Updated transfer capabilities to allow transfers between online instances, including unenrolling and enrolling users in associated Moodle courses, if applicable
      • Course admins can now go directly back to the instance from the order summary after they register users
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Course Admins from entering the course dates when copying online instances
      • Corrected an issue preventing old drop requests from being accepted or denied
      • Added a setting on the course profile to ‘Copy Supervisors on recommendation emails’
      • Added supervisors in the cc: field on recommendation emails in which they are copied
      • Fixed an issue with External Liaisons accessing the Course Rosters tab
      • Corrected an issue with student accounts that were missing email addresses
      • Sorted Athletics Education Sessions by date, most recent at the top
    • Compliance Updates
      • Added a report for Recommendations by Participant for Compliance Admins
      • Fixed the JCAT description field in assignment window to search on JCAT descriptions instead of codes
      • Hid the ‘assigned by’ field from participants in the ‘View Assigned Requirements’ window so users only have the compliance contact
    • Financial Updates
      • Added the ability for departments to determine when their Outstanding Payment messages will go out on a per instance basis
      • Added the ability to add multiple Payment Addresses per 4 digit OUC
      • Added the ability to add multiple Payment Instructions per 4 digit OUC
      • Added instructional text to discount box in the cart
      • Added “Dropped” status on the Order Summary next to courses that have been dropped to avoid confusion
      • Added an additional “Payment Type” search field on the Orders report
      • Removed Delete button on the Order Summaries section in Payment Details
      • Removed the account field from the Billing Project ID in Dept Setup
      • Fixed the  “Download Refund Summary” button on the Refund History page


Related Systems Updates outside of REPORTER

  • The Moodle LMS environments will be upgraded on Monday, May 14th, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Each of the Moodle services (Courses, Projects, and Outreach) will be unavailable for approximately 20 minutes during this period. (Click here to read the Sysnews announcement)
    • We expect intermittent outages in Projects and Outreach during this time and as a result, users will not be able to access online content after registration. The REPORTER Project Coordinators will be monitoring registration activity on instances connected to Moodle and contact users once they are able to connect to content.
    • For all questions regarding the updates to Moodle, please contact DELTA at (919) 513-7094 or learntech@ncsu.edu.
  • MyMediasite outage: 12:01am on Monday, May 14th to 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 15th
  • Wolfware, possible intermittent outages: May 15th, 7am – 2pm


Support Resources

  • A new online REPORTER training has been made available; click here to register for Using REPORTER as a Participant.
    • Please note that some of the resources in this training are also published on the REPORTER Support page under participant help
  • A tab has been added to the Roles Access chart to detail which users can see which portions of the training summary. Help documents have also been added to this tab to detail how admins and participants can access the training summary. This tab can be accessed from the REPORTER Support site on the ‘Glossary and Roles Access’ page.
  • Open Help Session schedule, access, and information: https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/help-sessions/
  • Report production issues or provide feedback online:
  • Additional REPORTER resources: go.ncsu.edu/reporterresources

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