Update for the Week of June 2-6

System Updates

  • The REPORTER Production environment was updated last week with the following functionality:
    • Mobile page improvements
    • Resolved issue with copying closed and cancelled instances
    • Improved the Requirement notifications for Compliance courses
    • Resolved Watchlist notification issue
    • Resolved the Quick Registration error when logging in when using Register Now from a ¬†deeplink
    • Resolved Cart Add-Ons issue for anonymous users
    • Removed HTML code from displaying on Requirement screen
    • Updated Moodle URLs for registrations prior to 6/30 upgrade to include the Moodle login screen bypass
    • Included time fields for Pricing by Date
    • Removed 1000 row limit on the Transactions Details financial report
    • Implementation of a new Guest Account system for creation and maintenance of external REPORTER accounts occurred June 29. ¬†Additional details about Guest Accounts can be found here.


Support Resources and Training Updates

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