REPORTER System Update for 10/8 – 10/25

System Updates

  • The REPORTER Production environment has been updated with the following functionality:
    • Certificate Programs
    • Improvements to the course catalog search including new search options and an Advanced Search option
      • Currently available under the ‘Catalog (Beta)’ tab in the course catalog
    • Added ability to customize College/Division deeplinks to filter on a keyword
    • Fixed a registration issue when inactive instances were reactivated
    • Fixed an issue causing Cart Add-ons to populate incorrectly in the Financial Recon file
    • Removed unnecessary confirmation when clicking the top right ‘Return to Course’ option
    • Added Questionnaire response export buttons
    • Updated discount codes to take date range pricing into consideration
    • Updated a course setting label for clarity regarding how user data is shared
      • The setting ‘Do Not Share Participant Registration or Completion Data’ now says “Do not include registration numbers for this instance in the data reported to the UNC system.”

Support Resources

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