System Updates for 3/18-4/5

REPORTER Highlight: Did you know? If you are a Course Admin, you can “bulk drop” users to cancel multiple registrations at the same time. Learn how to perform a bulk drop!


The REPORTER Production environment was updated with the following functionality:

  • General Improvements:
    • Added the ability to email users from a Certificate Program roster
    • Renamed the “Drop” button on the Upcoming Courses View Details screen to “Cancel Registration”
    • Improved $0 registration workflow for faster registration
    • Improved the transfer process
      • Added a more detailed history report for transfer records.
      • Added a new field on the instance to indicate whether the instance is available for transfers
      • Added additional functionality to update the course/instance in WRS for registrations that involve payments
      • Added the ability for transfers to instances that are a different cost than the original instance (within the same course)
      • Transfers will now allow partial payments or partial refunds if the cost of the instance is different
      • Added additional information about transfers in the Registration History report
      • Added a participant’s guide to transfers support document
  • Course/Instance Management Updates:
    • Updated roster reports, both within an instance and within registration reports:
      • The fields on the primary roster on an instance have been modified to display more relevant data
      • The ‘View/Export More Details’ report (available on the instance roster tab) has been updated to include student data (major, year, etc) and more NC State job data from the Peoplesoft HR system
      • The ‘Additional Roster Information’ report has been updated to include more detail about Guest Account users
      • The rosters available through Registration Reports have been updated to include student data
    • Added a setting in the instance communication preferences to send an email to Course Administrators when a participant drops an instance
    • Added a CFE (Continuing Forestry Education) to the professional credit type dropdown on the course and instance
    • Added Preferred name to the prerequisites table
    • Course Admins can now access the “View/Export More Detail” button on the instance report, which provides additional schedule block details
    • Improved registration questions, including a fix for an issue causing problems with reordering questions
  • Compliance Updates:
    • The Bulk Assign functionality is now available for Compliance Administrators. For help with or information about this new functionality please view our help document, Bulk Assignments (with optional registrations)
    • The ‘Compliance Warnings’ section of the My Team tab available to supervisors has been updated, including improving search fields and updating information in the table to be more relevant
    • Fixed an issue preventing added editors of the Protection of Minors form from fully viewing and editing
    • Added a calendar view of youth events for Minors Compliance Liaison/Campus Police
    • Updated email messages for Minors Compliance form submission workflow
  • Financial Updates:
    • Fixed an issue where the cart add-on item quantity and item price were not showing correctly
    • Added a new cart add-on type of “Other”
    • Updated the Refund History tab to show complete data


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