System Updates for March + April 2020

Notice: Guest Login UpdateOn Monday evening, May 11th, campus guest accounts will be renamed to Brickyard accounts to bring consistency to non-unity logins across campus systems. There will be no changes in functionality, only visual changes to login buttons across the following campus systems: MyPack portal, REPORTER, Moodle Outreach, Moodle Projects, and Shibboleth. For more details about the changes, click here to read the campus announcement.


Below are the highlights of the recent updates to the REPORTER production environment, a full list and additional details can be seen here.

  • Simplified Catalog searching by adding one primary search field that searches multiple course fields. Advanced search functions are still available.
  • Course & Youth Activity Admins now have the ability to update contact and employment information on Guest/External accounts.
  • Course Admins can now customize the enrollment window for Moodle registrations – the default and current maximum is 365 days (please note we plan to increase this in the future for Moodle Projects spaces).
  • Improved the Minors Compliance form and reports
  • Fixed issues with both Bulk Registration and Completion items in Certificate Programs.
  • Financial Improvements
    • Added functionality to allow Financial Admins to add/remove discount codes on completed orders
    • Added ability to refund cart add-ons separate from registration
    • Refunds are now being triggered for cancelled instances in which the instance date has passed at the time cancellation
    • Updated management of inactive instances to skip order inactivation if the order has a payment due, allowing those registrants who have not paid to pay after the instance
  • Expanded Youth Program Application functionality
    • Added download options for applicant files
    • Added group management to organize and register applicants
  • Improved Reporting
    • Name fields on all reports are now listed with separate Last Name, First Name fields
    • Updated fields on the Course Report and Instance Report
    • Added Financial Data for cancelled registrations to the Youth Activity Financials tab
    • Added additional search fields on the ‘View Status by Course’ compliance report

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