Help Sessions

In order to support the unique needs of the system users, the REPORTER Team is offering open help sessions based on user request. During these sessions, users are invited to drop by or call in remotely to receive direct assistance with REPORTER. These sessions allow users a chance to ask questions specific to their unit and receive one-on-one help with the system.

Sessions are typically held in the downstairs labs of Avent Ferry but will also be remotely accessible. As these are not formal meetings, feel free to drop in at any point between the start and end time of the session.

To access the session digitally, use the link listed in the ‘Remote in Link’ column at the date and time of the session. Cisco WebEx (Wolfmeeting) will allow you to call in using your phone, computer, or a combination of both. You will be able to video chat, view screens, and share your screen which will allow you to receive personalized help. Some help sessions are scheduled to be available only through Remote Access, if you plan to attend one of these but would rather attend in person, contact us to request a physical location for the session.

Please note this form is only in reference to training on using the REPORTER system. If you would like to request in person training on topics that are not related to the REPORTER system, please contact the Help Desk at

If you are interested in attending an open help session, please complete the form below and you will be notified when a help session has been scheduled.

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