Request a Location for Help Session

The REPORTER Team has been offering open help sessions to REPORTER admins for nearly two years. During these sessions, users are invited to attend in-person or via Cisco WebEx to receive one-on-one help in the REPORTER system from experts. Due to a lack of in-person participation, we have decided to scale back these sessions so that there are only available online UNLESS participants give advanced notice of attendance.

If you would like to attend a help session in person, please submit a request via the form below. An admin will provide you with an in-person option to attend the session.

**Please note that you are not required to attend the entire session to request an in-person location. For example, if we have a session scheduled 10/5/18 from 10-11:30am and you only want to attend from 11-11:30, you are still welcome to request an in-person location for the entire session. If you have any questions, please contact us.

**ACTIVE UNITY LOGIN IS REQUIRED** Click the link in the bottom right hand to Log In - enter your Unity ID, and then you will be directed to Shibboleth.