Recent REPORTER Development

Latest Update on: Thursday, 8/22/19 approx 9pm

General Topic Task Description

A button was added in the previous release to allow users to collapse the left side menu. The button is now in a fixed position so you can see it even when scrolled to the bottom of the page.
Reorganized the Left Side navigation menu. Some sections have been combined and some links have been moved under more appropriate menu options. Help document available here.
Department Setup has been divided into Division, Department, and Financial setup under Manage Setup in the left side menu. Division Setup will be available to Course Liaisons; Department Setup for Course Admins & Liaisons; and Financial Setup Financial Admins & Liaisons.
Reports In the Enrollment History report, the registration status column has been replaced with Final Attendance.
Course/Instance Fixed an issue with the Faculty Yes/No column not displaying the correct designation for some users.
Removed the leading space in front of the legal name on the roster report.
Certificate Programs Updated the Certificate Program Roster to fix access issues and improve speed. The new view will show the same as the previous view, but you will click a link to see details instead of clicking the dropdown panel.
Added a refresh option to the certificate roster report to reload completion percentages for large rosters.
Updated functionality in the Course Catalog to prevent users from registering themselves multiple times. Also corrected an issue allow users who have already been bulk registered to register for the program a second time.
Certificate Program Admins can now override a required course by manually marking it complete with notes.
Updated the Certificate Program Report found on the ‘View Participants’ page.
Created a Registration Report for Certificates, available under the Reports item in the left side menu
Compliance email wording changes Old: To view details about this requirement or register for required training, log into REPORTER at and view the ‘Assignments’ section on your My Courses dashboard. Please note, you may already be registered for this course. If so, you can see the course details on the ‘Upcoming Courses’ section of your dashboard.

New: If you are already registered, you can see details about this training at under your Upcoming Courses. Otherwise, to register for this training visit {%deeplink%}.

Added to nearing and out of compliance warning emails –> “You are required to complete training for the following reason: {%assignmentReason%}”
Minors Compliance Fixed an issue preventing some Minors Compliance forms from being downloaded as a PDF.
Updated search fields to allow searching on ranges: Total # Participants, Min Age, Max age, Total # staff, Start date, End date.
Emails When registrants are auto dropped from an instance for nonpayment, drop reason has been set as “Registration cancelled due to nonpayment.” to avoid confusion.
Instance Completion notifications related to a Moodle integrated instances have been updated to show the correct completion time.
Prerequisites Added ability to configure reminder and drop triggers for Prerequisites that require submission (Under course setup, in the prerequisite sections, select the ‘Other’ tab.)
Updated formatting for prerequisite upload to better suit smaller screens
Added the ability for Course Admins to add notes to prerequisite submissions that have already been approved.
Remove dropped users from the prerequisite submissions – Prerequisites from dropped users are not be included in the prerequisite download file.
Allowed Course Admins to upload prerequisite files for users – includes notes field and option to save and approve in one step.
Updates to the Prereq table on Manage Courses tab:

  • Removed Title and added Start/End date
  • Sorted submissions by start date
  • Awaiting Submission & History tabs now only show courses/instances that have prerequisites
  • Search fields added to all tabs: course id, course title, instance id, start date, first name, last name, login id.
Add ability to download notes from a specific prerequisites submissions when viewing an instance. Hover over the notes column to download the notes for that record.
Registration Questions Course Admins can now create questions for their department.
The Aggregate tab and calculation issues have been fixed and the tab is now visible.
Adding a new question will no longer archive existing question’s responses.
Archived questions can be easily accessed and unarchived on the instance setup tab
Archived responses are visible and can be exported to excel from the questionnaire responses tab.
If questions are reordered within an instance, or any are removed or added, the updates will show to new registrants.