Release 2.3.3 Information

REPORTER Release 2.3.3 will be moved to Production this evening around 9pm. We wanted to share with you additional information as to what development work is included in this Release.
1. Student Load – This is the first part of the process, that will get student accounts loaded into REPORTER.  There will be more work ahead for where to show certain attributes or exclude them from searches, etc, but this will allow for them to login and be tagged like an employee. Please Note: Students have not been uploaded to Production at this time. They will be uploaded by the end of this week.
2. iFrame for Credit Card Payments – This will be moved ‘turned off’, but it prepares us move the payment process to the original way.  Once all the PCI Compliance issues are complete, we just have to turn this on.  QA is now setup to use the iFrame for payments.
3. Preferred Names for Employees – The HR feed has been updated to include Preferred Name, if it exist in HR.
4. Historic Compliance Data – Tracking of a Participant’s complete tagging and registration history for Required Training, with views for the Participant, Supervisor and Course Admin, has been added to REPORTER.
5. Suspension of Mendix Feedback functionality – The Mendix Feedback button has been removed from all environments at this time. The tracking of REPORTER issues is being handled outside of the application, thus making this functionality redundant.
6. Financial Reports – Updates to report formatting, calculations, and functionalities
7. Spreadsheet Items – Fixed issues reported in testing