Using the CEU Portal in REPORTER


Programs seeking to provide credit for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to participants can seek official approval through NC State’s McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education. In order to officially grant these credits, the program must receive approval in advance by following the CEU Approval Form Procedures as specified by McKimmon.


Before using the CEU Portal in REPORTER, those wishing to grant CEUs must work with the McKimmon Center for Continuing Education: 

Those looking to offer CEU credits to their participants can initiate the CEU Request process using the CEU Portal functionality that exists in the REPORTER Registration System. All CEU Approval requests are handled and approved through the McKimmon Center for Continuing Education.

Additional Help

I have an Active NC State Unity ID providing CEU Programs
REPORTER Course Admins can tie their course instance roster directly to their CEU Request to facilitate roster certification and avoid duplicate data entry of program details.

If your participants will be registering for a REPORTER instance
If the roster for the activity is managed outside of REPORTER
Seeking CEU Approval without an Active NC State ID
The CEU Portal has been added to REPORTER allowing external users to create CEU courses and to more easily access and submit CEU requests for approval. Requests are handled and approved through the McKimmon Center for Continuing Education. Access to the CEU Portal is limited to those with a CEU system role. (Click here for more about Brickyard Accounts).

CEU Portal Guide for Brickyard accounts

Need Help as a Participant receiving CEU credits
To request a CEU transcript please complete the form linked on the left. Requests will normally be processed within 24-48 hours. Transcripts are $12.00 each (an additional fee of $6.00 will be added for international addresses). Payment must be made with the request.

Request your CEU / Non-Credit Transcript