Charge Model

The REPORTER charge is 5% of course/instance price, with a cap of $2.00.

  • If the course price is under $40 then the charge is 5% of the course/instance price.  
  • If the course price is over $40 then the charge is $2.00. 

The fee will be multiplied by the unique number of transactions that occurred for each event.  Billings will be for totals from the previous month’s activities.

For additional information about the charge, please contact

Example Pricing:
Course Type Course Price REPORTER Fee Credit Card Fee (Cost-Varies)** WolfWare Outreach Fee* Total Fee Per Registration

*The WolfWare Outreach fee is only for online courses administered through the WolfWare Outreach server and is billed separately from REPORTER fees.  Internal rate of $7.29 per student, per course, per 12 months. This fee will increase to $8.76 effective July 1, 2024. For more details on the WolfWare Outreach costs, visit the DELTA website.

** Credit Card fees will be billed separately and ONLY for credit card transactions and are at costFor more information on credit card fees, visit the University Controller’s Office Credit Card Fees chart. Check or internal payment transactions will still be subject to the registration fee, but not credit card fees.

Classroom (under $40) $25.00 $1.25 $0.52** $0.00 $1.77
Classroom (over $40) $100.00 $2.00 $2.07** $0.00 $4.07
Online using Moodle Outreach $100.00 $2.00 $2.07** $7.29* $11.36

Common Billing Questions

  • Are courses without a registration fee subject to billing? No, Required Training and Professional Development events are not subject to billing.
  • Are dropped registrations counted in the registration totals? Yes, all transactions will be counted in the total for billing purposes.  Billing is based on a unique transaction by a participant, not the total number of transactions.   
  • When will my courses be billed? Billing will be monthly for the previous month’s activity. For classroom courses and online courses, you will be billed the month following the participant registration.
  • Will you cross fiscal years? Yes, the billing is based of the end date of the event, not the date of the transactions.  If an event ends in July, that event will be billed in August, even if the majority of the transactions occurred before July 1.
  • Can we use a grant project for billing? No, the Office of Cost Analysis has determined that REPORTER can not charge a grant account.  During the onboarding process, the billing project options will be discussed.
  • Are participants who paid by check, IDT or have a 100% discount code be counted in the registration totals? Yes, if the event is subject to billing, all unique transactions will be counted, regardless of payment or discount type.