Onboarding Information

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of introducing new clients to the REPORTER application and helping them begin using the system. During this process we introduce the application as it currently is, we allow clients to test the application and see how it works, and we work together to determine if REPORTER currently meets the needs of the client. If the system is missing functionality essential to the client, we work to determine what changes or additions need to be made in order to support the new client. If REPORTER suits the client’s needs, we begin helping onboard them to the application. Onboarding includes providing direct support as the client begins to add and administer courses or activities, keeping the client informed of new changes, updates, or other development on the application, and teaching the client how to use the system through demos and help documentation.

Who can Onboard?

REPORTER can be utilized by any units at NC State University who offer non-credit activities that they wish to track registrations and/or completions for. Details about what the system is capable of can be found here. The system is free to use, so long as you are not charging for registrations; if you are charging registrants to sign up our charge model can be seen here.

How do I start Onboarding?

It is highly recommended that prior to beginning the onboarding process, you review the Fundamentals of REPORTER Training. In this course, you will learn about basic and key REPORTER concepts, including its origin, purpose, and functionality. When you are ready to begin onboarding, you can submit an interest form to start the process. From there we will determine what the next steps are to provide access for your group in REPORTER. If you work within EHPS, onboarding requests must go through Amy Orders.

How soon can I start entering course into REPORTER?

If the REPORTER system meets the needs of your group as is, you can begin entering courses as soon as you have completed your initial onboarding meeting. Our team will discuss resources and training options for learning to use the system and allow you to choose the best path for your department.