Help Documents for Instructors

Instructor access is controlled by Course Administrators and is dependent on who has been those listed on a specific instance (Adding Someone As an Instructor). Instructors will have access to see and interact with the roster, as well as change the final attendance for participants. Please note that access in REPORTER as an instructor does not result in, or relate to administrative access within Moodle.

Instructor access includes:

  • View Roster of the instance which will include the following for each person registered:
    • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
    • Email
    • Employee ID, Empl Class, Department (NCSU Employees only)
    • Final Attendance
  • Mark Final Attendance and/or Change attendance
  • Email registrants directly from REPORTER
  • Access prerequisite documents
  • Ability to generate sign in sheet based on roster
  • Ability to generate door sign based on instance schedule
  • View Instance details, with all catalog fields including:
    • Registration link
    • Primary contact
    • Course ID, Course Title
    • Instance ID, Title, Format
    • Seats Available
    • Course Description, Course notes, Instance Notes
    • Cost, Policies
    • Instance Schedule

For a brief demo of instructor functionality please see: MP4 Demo of Instructor Options (no sound)