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REPORTER is a registration system that supports multiple units of NC State University. Participants can use REPORTER to look at and register for non-degree courses or events at NC State and maintain a history of the courses they have taken.

REPORTER provides NC State University an enterprise solution for tracking, managing, reporting, and measuring external outreach, required training and non-degree credit activities, as well as their impact across the university and beyond, supporting both internal and external compliance requirements.

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How do I create an account?

If you are an active NC State campus member with an email that ends in “”, an account tied to your Unity Login should already exist in REPORTER.

If you encounter the error ‘no account found’ using your Unity ID, please email REPORTER support at

If you do not have an email ending in “” you can create a Brickyard account to log into REPORTER.

A Brickyard Account can be created by following these instructions:

From the REPORTER landing page (, find the Login section.

In this section, select the option to Create New Account

You provide your email, name, and create a password for yourself

Then you will select Create Account which will bring you to a page confirming your account creation and linking you back to the login page.


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How do I sign in to REPORTER as an NC State User?

  1. From the REPORTER landing page ( locate the login area.
  2. Select the red UNITY ID LOGIN button.
  3. You will be taken to Shibboleth where you will enter your Unity ID and Password. If you have recently logged in through Shibboleth this may process automatically.
  4. You will then be brought to your REPORTER dashboard.

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How do I recover my login ID or password?

If you have a Brickyard Account (Using an email that does not end in “”)

From the REPORTER landing page ( you will select the Forgot Password link. On the following page, enter and submit your email using the form which should result in sending an email with a link to reset your password. The username for login is the email to which the account password is tied.

For detailed instructions about this process, please visit the Brickyard Account Password Reset help page.


If you have an NC State Unity Account(Using an email that ends with “” and are an active student or employee at NC State)

Your login facilitated using Shibboleth and your NC State Unity credentials (the same user ID and password used for systems like MyPack Portal and Moodle). If you have lost or forgotten your Unity login, please refer to the NCSU Office of Information Technology website for assistance.

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I am a new NC State employee and I need to register for a course, but I am getting an error message when I try to login. What do I do?

Employees are added to REPORTER through the HR system based on hiring; because of this you may need to wait a day before you appear active in the system. If you are still not able to log in after 24 hours, please email REPORTER support at

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When I try to login with my Unity ID and Password I get a message saying my password is wrong, now what?


Be sure to use the link when navigating to REPORTER. From the homepage, when you are not logged in, you should see two login options, “Unity ID Login” and “Brickyard Login”. 

Select the option for “Unity ID Login”*, which should take you to the Shibboleth login page where you can input your Unity credentials and finish logging in.

*You must have an active Unity ID in order to log into the REPORTER System using the credentials tied to your “” email. If you are no longer an active employee nor an active student, and your account will not be active in the system. If you wish to log in and use the system for registration, you should create a Brickyard Account that is tied to a email.


Still having trouble? Click here for additional help with Login

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How do I register for courses?

You can browse the course catalog found by clicking the Course Catalog link on the left side of the screen. Here you can search for courses, see their details, and select the ones you wish to register for.

Once you have logged in, you can add courses to your cart and complete a simple checkout process to register. Depending on the course’s restrictions you may need to submit extra documentation or meet certain requirements to take the course; these will be noted both in the catalog entry and upon checkout.

Additional help information and videos regarding registration can be viewed here.

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Who do I contact if I have specific questions about a course?

You should contact the course administrator for that course. The administrator contact can be found multiple ways:

I am registered – Contact from your dashboard: If you are already registered for a course and would like to contact the course administrator, go to the My Courses tab of your dashboard. Select the View Details button next to the appropriate course. A window will open, at the bottom of which is a button entitled Contact the Course Administrator. When you click this button a window will open allowing you to email the administrator directly through the REPORTER system.


I’m not registered – find contact in the course catalog: The course must have an instance in order to contact someone about it. When viewing your search results (or a direct link to the course), select the name of the specific session to view its details. At the bottom of the window you will find the course contact information. This will include a name and a phone number and/or email address.


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The course I want to take has no instances available, how can I register for it?

If a course is showing no instances or has no instances you can attend, you can add yourself to the watchlist for the course. You will receive an email when new instances are available for the course along with a link to the course’s catalog listing where you can register. Until new sessions are posted, you will not be able to register.

Add yourself to the watchlist of a course by selecting the blue Add to Watchlist link found in the upper left of the course listing (see below). You can see the courses on your watchlist at any time by going to your REPORTER Homepage and checking the ‘Pending items’ section.

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What should I do if I register for the wrong thing or need to transfer instances?

In most cases, you can request to transfer into a different instance. This is done in the My Courses tab of your dashboard. Navigate to your dashboard and select the View Details button next to the instance which you want to transfer from. A window showing the instance details will open and at the bottom is the button Transfer Request, select this then select the follow the prompts. If you cannot transfer, you can also drop the instance. This is done in the same instance details window, except you will select Cancel Registration.

Demo is a demonstration of the transfer process  – more detailed instructions are available here.


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How do I cancel my registration?

  1. Go to your My Courses tab by clicking the Home Tab in the side menu bar
  2. Select View Details next to the course you would like to drop
  3. Select Cancel Registration at the bottom of the popup
  4. Enter your Drop Reason in the box shown and select the Cancel Registration button
  5. Select Yes on the confirmation.
  6. You should receive a ‘Transaction Complete’ confirmation.

The window that opens, referenced step 4, contains a section that will specify whether you need approval to drop the course (highlighted below). If there is a “Yes” next to “Drops do NOT require approval from a Course Administrator” you will be immediately dropped from the course, if there is a “No” your drop will be submitted as a request for an admin can approve or deny. You can view your pending drop requests on your My Courses dashboard under Pending Items.

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I am registered for an online course, how do I access it?

After registering for your Course in REPORTER you will receive an email confirmation. Unless indicated otherwise in the confirmation, a link to the course content should be available in your instance details. You can access this link following the instructions below;

  1. Log in at
  2. Locate the course within the Upcoming Courses section.
  3. Select the Access Online Content button. Click this and your Moodle Course should open in a new tab.

If you have questions about the online course content you will need to contact the Course Administrator. For questions regarding accessing the link to online content you can contact

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I received an email saying a course was added to my Required Training, what do I do now?

If you receive this email that means a supervisor or other training administrator has indicated in the REPORTER System that you are required to complete a course or set of courses as a part of your job duties or other regulatory compliance requirements. Upon identification you are assigned training and you may also be registered for a session of the required course(s).

  • If you are not registered, you will be able to register for this course in a number of ways including:
    • from the Course Catalog,
    • from the Attention Required section (at the top of your homepage while logged into REPORTER),
    • and/or via a direct link sent by email. 
  • If you believe you have been incorrectly identified as required to complete training or should no longer be required, please follow up with the primary contact for the Compliance Requirement for additional assistance.
    • Each training requirement has a specific contact person that has the ability to unassign the training if appropriate (the term “Unassign” refers to removing the indication that someone is required to complete training).
    • Compliance Contact information (for the primary contact for the Compliance Requirement) should be listed at the end of any Compliance Reminders or Warnings you have received and can also be found in REPORTER as noted in the next instructions.


Details about courses you are required to complete can be seen in REPORTER per the following steps and video demo:

1). Login at

2). Once logged in, locate the section of your dashboard labeled “Required Training and Professional Development

3). Select the blue View Assigned Requirements button

A window will open showing everything you have been assigned to — example seen on the right, and video demo included below.

Here you can see the name of the course(s), when you are due to complete it by, who assigned the course, and if/when you last completed it:

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How can I edit my personal and contact information?

When logged into the REPORTER application, find your Name link at the top right of the screen. Select this link and a drop-down will expand; from this drop-down select My Profile. From here you will be able to edit and add personal and contact information.

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Where do I find information about my account, including registrations and activity history?

  1. Log into the REPORTER application at
  2. In the top right menu, locate and click on your Name
  3. From the drop down that expands, select My Profile
  4. You will then see multiple tabs corresponding to records on your account. Such as the Completed Activities tab where you can obtain a training summary.
    You can also access your training summary by going to your home page dashboard, scroll to the bottom, and expand the completed activities panel. 

**REPORTER may not contain a complete record of your training completed at NC State. It only contains records for courses that you register for through REPORTER or that have been historically entered into the system by a course admin for compliance purposes. We recommend contacting whomever manages/managed the training you are interested in obtain records for to ask about getting that information.**



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I am trying to pay by credit card but am getting an error that says ‘cookies not found’, what now?

You will need to enable cookies on your browser. Please select the appropriate link below for instructions to enable. If your browser is not listed, just use a search engine to look up how to enable cookies on the browser you are using.

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When I log in, I get a message that says “An Error has occurred please contact your system administrator” and a loading image, but nothing ever happens. What now?

If you have logged in successfully in the past – From time to time, updates in REPORTER may require you to clear your browser cache in order to prevent errors. If you are trying to access the REPORTER system and run into an error that says “An Error has occurred please contact your system administrator”, it is recommended that you try to clear your cache to resolve the error. Please review the information here to help you with this process.

If you have never logged in successfully:

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I completed a course but cannot locate my Completion Certificate. How do I find my completion certificate(s) in REPORTER?

Course owners have the option to send participants a completion certificate when they receive credit for completing training. Because this is an optional setting, not all courses result in receipt of a Completion Certificate. 

If the instance of a course you completed resulted in a certificate of completion, you can obtain the certificate via the steps below. If the course does not provide a certificate, proof of completing the course should be obtained via your training summary in REPORTER per these instructions.

  1. Log into the REPORTER application at
  2. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of your ‘My Courses’ dashboard and locate the section labeled “Completed Activities”. Click on the section title to expand it.
  3. At the top of the section, click the option to “View Training Summary
  4. A window should open displaying a list of the courses you have completed. Locate the relevant completion record in this list and click to select it.
  5. Then, at the top of the window, click the option to “Download Completion Certificate” — you should then be prompted to save the PDF document download.

*Note* If the instance of a course you completed does not result in a certificate of completion, you will receive an error message at this point.

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Moodle Completion Indicator

What should I do if I am missing completion credit?: If online content is complete in Moodle (Wolfware)

If you are registered for a REPORTER instance that connects you to online content in Moodle, you can do the following to confirm you have completed the training:

1 – Log into REPORTER at

2 – Locate the ‘Upcoming Courses’ section on your dashboard

3 – Locate the name of the training, then click the blue Access Online Content button. 

** If you do not see it, scroll down to the Completed Activities section. If in the completed activities section, you have received credit for completion.**

4 – Moodle should open in a new tab; review the Moodle page to see the required activities.

To the far right of each activity, a checkbox will indicate if Moodle has given you credit for completing the activity (pictured below). All of the checkboxes must be checked to receive completion credit.

If any activities are not marked, you can complete them now. With all of the checkboxes are marked, you should see the course on your training summary within 2 hours.

Moodle Completion Indication:

A tick next to an activity name may be used to indicate when the activity is complete. If a box with a dotted border is shown, a tick will appear automatically when you have completed the activity according to the conditions set by the course administrators.

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How I see if I have been given credit for completing a course I registered for?

Using the ‘My Profile’ option in REPORTER, users can see a complete list of courses they have/are registered for and what the current status for the course. Please note that you will only see completion records that relate to courses you registered for in the REPORTER system. Content that you register for and accessed without any use of REPORTER will not be included in your completion records (note that this include most internal training completed prior to 2016).

To see your activity history (also shown in the demo below):

  1).  Log into REPORTER at

  2).  Once logged in, click your name in the top right menu

  3).  Upon clicking, an options menu should expand  — select the first option for My Profile

  4).  When your profile opens, select the tab labeled “Activity Details” 

  5).  On the sub tab labeled ‘Courses’ you will see a list of courses you have registered for, including your final attendance and registration status

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Missed completion

What should I do if I am missing completion credit?

If you are registered in REPORTER, completion credit varies depending on the type of instance you completed. 

A. ‘I am missing credit for a course I completed online, at my own pace’; If the instance was completed online, at your own pace completion credit varies depending on what online system you completed the training in. Please select the appropriate variation below to go to the relevant information:

The online content was completed in Moodle (the URL included
The online content was completed in EVERFI (the URL included
The online content was complete at my own pace in another system that did not include “” nor “”


B.  If you attended an in-person training or event  OR  If you virtually attended at specific time(s) and date(s)

If the course was registered for in REPORTER, you will only be able to see courses you’ve completed if final attendance has been entered for that class.  If you are not seeing completion credit for a something after it has taken place, you should check to confirm if the final attendance has been entered by looking at your Final Attendance status for the course (as seen here).

Final attendance is entered by the individual administrators and instructors of that specific session, and the credit for completing depends on that entry. If your final attendance status is empty, and it has been less than a week since the last day of the course, we advise waiting a few more days to see if the status gets updated.

If it has been longer than a week, if you have concerns about waiting for a week, or if you have an unexpected status of “Incomplete”, “Fail”, or “No Show”, please reach out to the primary contact for the training. That contact information can be seen at the bottom of any registration emails you received, and can also be found in your account’s activity report as seen here.

Participants will need to get in touch with an admin or instructor for the course to ask about getting final attendance recorded.



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Missed completion – Everfi

What should I do if I am missing completion credit?: If completing content online in EVERFI

For courses that include completing online content in EVERFI, please anticipate a delay between completion of the online content and when that completion is reflected in REPORTER. If it has been more than 48 hours since your completion, or if you have any specific questions about the training content, the course administrator can be reached using these instructions or through the contact information included at the bottom of your required training reminder email(s).

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Missed completion – External LMS

What should I do if I am missing completion credit?: If completing content online in another system

The instance corresponds to online content completed outside of REPORTER. Completions  records are managed by the course owners who will periodically upload the records into  REPORTER to indicate completion. Because the completions are managed by the course owners, the delay between completing the online content and when that completion is reflected in REPORTER will vary.

Typically the delay time will be indicated in the instance details that you can see by clicking the View Details option in your REPORTER Upcoming Courses section. At the top of the window you will see the primary contact for the course, who you can reach out to for additional assistance.

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I received an email saying “This email is not monitored and replies will not be seen” what do I do?

The account is not monitored so you cannot send a message to the above-mentioned email. But if you have any questions or need any assistance please reach out to

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How can I access an online course after the end date if I am not marked complete?

If a course has passed the end date but you have not been given a final attendance status, you will need to go to your Profile reports to locate the ‘Access Online Content’ Option

  • Active instances, typically with future end dates, would be seen in the Upcoming Courses section (as seen here)
  • instances that you have a final attendance of ‘Complete’ or ‘Pass’ for would show in the Completed Courses section (as seen here).

Otherwise, details, including the access online content button, would be found through your profile as seen here:

1). Log into REPORTER at
2). Once logged in, click your name in the top right menu
3). Upon clicking, an options menu should expand — select the first option for My Profile
4). When your profile opens, select the tab labeled “Activity Details”
5). On the sub tab labeled ‘Courses’ you will see a list of courses you have registered for
6). Locate the relevant course and click to highlight it, then click the button to View Activity Details

7). A window will open and you should see an option to Access Online Content at the top – click this button

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