Training Opportunities

The following online, self-paced training courses are currently available to users who wish to learn more about the REPORTER System and related participant and administrative functions. In addition to using the links including below, you can find these courses in REPORTER as shown below or by clicking here. You can also add yourself to the watchlist of a course using REPORTER to receive an email when a new instance becomes available for registration. 

Additional information about the system can also be found under our About REPORTER page and by reviewing help documentation. Please note that taking/completing training will not result in receiving administrative access — for information about receiving access, see our Onboarding Information. If you would like to schedule a training session specifically for your unit or department, please contact us at

Additional Help

Basic Registration and Account Management in REPORTER
This beginners course is taught from the perspective of a participant — topics include the catalog, registration, participant profiles, activity reports, the participant dashboard, and more.

An Introduction to REPORTER
: In this course, you will learn about basic and key REPORTER concepts, including its origin, purpose, and functionality. This online training that provides an overview of what REPORTER is, does, and who uses it to provide admins a stronger foundation for using the system.

Using REPORTER as an Instance Instructor
This self-paced, online training provides users with an ‘Instructor’ role in a brief overview of their capabilities in the system. REPORTER Instructors will be shown how they can manage an instance roster, including reviewing attendance and Instance closeout.

Course Creation and Management in REPORTER
: This self-paced, online training provides a full overview of the REPORTER Course Admin role and its functionality, including learning how to create and manage their courses 
 as well as key concepts related to course management. 

Connecting a REPORTER Instance to Moodle Online Content: Setup and Management: This course will detail how to configure Moodle settings and what to put into your REPORTER instance to integrate the two. By integrating them, REPORTER registrations can connect users to online Moodle content, and if the user(s) complete the required activities, they will be marked completed in REPORTER. This course only covers integration between Moodle and REPORTER; basic familiarity with Moodle is needed to take this course. For Moodle training, please contact or visit

Accessible Training, Events, and Activities: A Course for REPORTER Course Admins: This online training is intended to provide Course Admins and other activity admins with guidelines and resources which will assist them in making ADA Accommodations. Training should be completed by all users who plan to use REPORTER to manage registrations for an event or training. Course topics include Planning, Advertisement, and Registration, Physical Accessibility, Digital Accessibility, and more. For more help, go to ‘Supporting Accessibility and ADA Accommodations’ Resource Guide support Page

Compliance and Required Training in REPORTER for Compliance Admins: In this training you will learn about compliance and assigning required training in REPORTER. This online course is taught from the perspective of a Compliance Admin and includes topics such as: What is a Requirement?, How do I register someone for a course?, How do I require someone to take a training or set of trainings?, How do I remove someone’s training requirement/unassign them?, and How do I pull reports related to Required Training?



Course can also be found via REPORTER homepage as shown below (no login needed prior to registration):

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