Supporting Accessibility and ADA Accommodations

A Resource Guide for REPORTER Activity Admins

NC State is committed to ensuring that events are welcoming and inclusive for all attendees. Access by participants with disabilities is a particularly important consideration for all events that are sponsored by or on behalf of NC State or held at an NC State facility. 
All activities that are accepting registrations through the REPORTER system are expected to follow this standard and Activity Admins, including Course Admins, are responsible for providing for the accessibility needs of participants with disabilities. Please utilize the resources included below and familiarize yourself with the necessary considerations for creating accessible events.

Accessibility at NC State

As an Activity Administrator using REPORTER, an effort should always be made to provide activities and/or events that are accessible. ADA Accommodation requests can be made by participants at any time and these resources can be crucial to have available as a reference while planning, hosting, and supporting activities people will register for. (Please note additional resources for establishing, hosting, or otherwise offering accessible Activities or Events are included below).

Planning Events

Accommodations, Adjustments, Accessibility

IT Accessibility at NC State

IT Accessibility Handbook

Accessible Events Cheat Sheet


Need More Help?

For accommodations questions, contact the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity at 919-513-0574 or

Disability Resource Office:
(919) 515-7653,

IT Accessibility Office:
(919) 513-4087,

Resources specific to REPORTER Admins

Digital Accessibility Training (provided by OIT)

 🖉 Register for Recommended Training

Supporting Accessibility as a REPORTER Course Admin (OIT-REP-ACCESS) is an online training course intended to provide Course Admins and other activity admins with guidelines and resources that can assist them in making ADA Accommodations. Training should be completed by all users who plan to use REPORTER to manage registrations for an event or training.

 🗎 Visit Help Documentation for REPORTER Setup

Instance Setup for Accommodation Statement: This REPORTER-specific help document reviews the functionality in REPORTER that relates directly to ADA Accommodation support, including how it is enabled, edited, and shown to participants.

Additional Opportunities & Resources

Physical Accessibility

Digital Accessibility