Help Documents relating to Youth Programs

REPORTER includes registration support for Youth Activities, including Parent Accounts, Waiver options, and more. However, before you can create a youth activity, you must first initiate a Minors Compliance Form from the Protection of Minors Dashboard. If you have the Youth Activity Admin role (granted through, and have created a form, you can then create a Youth Program with which you can associate activities.

Compliance Form Help

Protection of Minors – Youth Program Admin Guide: Overview of Form Requirements, and continued updates expected after the forms initial submission

Protection of Minors Compliance Form Creation Guide: Full review of Compliance Form fields, what it looks like when you first create and submit a form, and what you can do after submitting.

Protection of Minors Compliance – Tracking Covered Individuals: Review of ‘Covered Individual’ concept, entry requirements in REPORTER, and how to otherwise update and maintain this information within your compliance form.

Protection of Minors Compliance Form Process: Details the purpose of the compliance form, what the process of “Registering” your program with the Compliance Office includes, and what you will need to submit.

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