Help Documents relating to Youth Programs

REPORTER includes registration support for Youth Activities, including Parent Accounts, Waiver options, and more. However, before you can create a youth activity, you must first initiate a Minors Compliance Form from the Protection of Minors Dashboard. If you have the Youth Activity Admin role (granted through, and have created a form, you can then create a Youth Program with which you can associate activities.

Using the Compliance Form

Resources for Completing the Compliance Form

Protection of Minors – Youth Program Admin Guide:
Overview of Form Requirements, and continued updates expected after the forms initial submission

Protection of Minors Compliance Form Creation Guide:
Full review of Compliance Form fields, what it looks like when you first create and submit a form, and what you can do after submitting.

Protection of Minors Compliance – Tracking Covered Individuals:
Review of ‘Covered Individual’ concept, entry requirements in REPORTER, and how to otherwise update and maintain this information within your compliance form.


Protection of Minors Compliance Form Process: Details the purpose of the compliance form, what the process of “Registering” your program with the Compliance Office includes, and what you will need to submit.


Additional related links:

» Nov 2021 Functionality Update Details: The Minors compliance form was updated, bringing impacts to the form’s overall functionality. Details provided will review what changes were introduced and their impact.

Youth Activity Registration

Resources for the Youth Activity Admin role and using the registration components

  »  Youth Activity Admin Guide: Overview of the creation process, included fields, and additional management options.

  »  Youth Activity Roster Guide: Overview of how to view program participants, and interact with the roster.

  »  Completing Registration via Import

  »  About Registration Links (Deeplinks) – Youth Programs

  »  Youth Program Reports (Guide)

  »  Brickyard Account Management


Resources for Parents registering a child for an activity

» Participant Overview of Youth Activities

» Parent Account Guide

» Youth Activities (Parent Quick Guide)

Specific Program Guides:

   »  4-H Camp Registration Quick Guide

   »  STEP Camp Youth Activities Parent Quick Guide

   »  JCRA Youth Activities (Parent Quick Guide)

   »  Cheer Camp Parent Quick Guide