Supervisors and HR Representatives

Supervisors are automatically granted the ParticipantAdmin role based on HR Data from Peoplesoft. H/R representatives are given the ParticipantLiaison role for a division (2 digit OUC) based on a System Access Request sent by the group’s designated SAR admin – click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What determines who shows in the 'My Team' tab? 
    • REPORTER loads data nightly that is pulled directly the NC State HR Peoplesoft system. This data includes any active job records and the listed supervisor. Direct employees are those who directly report to the supervisor. The Additional Team members will include all employees who report to, or through the direct report.
  • How soon should I see if a new employee?
    • Employees are loaded in based on hire date, or when the hire date was entered if the hire date was listed retroactively. New employees should appear within 24 hours of that date or when the date was entered if it is in the past.
  • What should I do if my list includes someone unexpected?
    • Follow up with you HR representative to determine if there is an error in the job record, and to correct it if there is. Once the record is corrected, REPORTER should update within 24 hours.