Brickyard Account Password Reset

Persons without an email address can create a Brickyard account using another email address. This account can then be used to log into REPORTER to register for activities. If you have a Brickyard account, follow the instructions below to change your password.

If you are an NC State user with a Unity ID need to update your password, please refer to the NCSU Office of Information Technology website for assistance.

To update your Brickyard Account password, choose the correct option below and follow the proceeding steps:

Logged Out

Changing or resetting your Guest Account password while not logged in


1. From the REPORTER landing page ( select the Forgot Password link in the login area.

2. The Brickyard Account site will open in a new browser tab — enter your email address and select Submit.

3. Once you submit your email address, you will receive a confirmation message instructing you to check your email account to continue resetting your password.

  • If the email address that you entered does not match an existing Brickyard account, you will receive an error message such as:

4.You will receive an email with a link you can click to reset your password, labeled Change Password

  • If it has been longer than 24 hours since you received the email, be sure you are using “Request Password Reset” instance of the change password link →

5. When you click the link to change your password, you will be brought a page displaying the account name and email, in addition to the password requirements.

You will enter the new password on this page and submit the change once all password requirements have been met.

  • Password requirements are indicated along the the right side of the page; as you meet each password requirement, you will see the red circle with an  X  change to green with a .

6. Once you have set a new password, you can return to REPORTER using the click here link displayed on the reset confirmation page and log in using the newly set password

For additional support, please visit our participant help documents.

Logged in

Changing your Password while Logged into REPORTER

1. Select your name’ from the top right toolbar and then ‘My Profile’

2. Select the Account Management tab

3. Select the Update Password Button

For additional support, please visit our participant help documents.