Each year, the University reaches 600,000 participants through outreach, extension, and engagement activities. This does not include the approximately 8,000 NC State University employees who receive staff and professional development via University-sponsored programs, including New Employee Orientation, Environmental Health and Safety mandated training, and Financial and Regulatory Compliance-related activities such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Conflict of Interest (COI) training.   To address the known operational issues with non-credit activities, NC State has selected a Platform Application as A Service (PaaS) to build our registration system and onboard campus units.

NC State Registration Platform for Non-Credit Activity and Required Training (REPORTER) is a cross university solution for tracking, managing, reporting and measuring external outreach, required training and (non- degree credit) activities and their impact across the university and beyond, supporting both internal and external compliance requirements.

The REPORTER system will provide the functionality to support a variety of non-credit activities campus-wide.  REPORTER leverages a solution that is innovative and flexible so that the participating campus units can share the benefits of a system that encompasses the Outreach community, yet maintain some of the autonomy which makes each unit unique.  

  • Does your organization need a solution that could provide a more efficient and automated operation for your business practices and meet PCI compliance?
  • Does your organization need support and resources for registrations and business processes for non-credit activities, or required training, or conferences and events?
  • Does your organization need a system that would provide the reports that are regularly required from UNC General Administration (UNC GA), or Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), or Carnegie, or others?

If you are interested in learning more about this new registration system and how its functionality can support your activities, please review our Onboarding page. Additionally, the online, self-paced training Fundamentals of REPORTER is available for registration — this training provides an overview of what REPORTER is, does, who uses it, and information about onboarding.