Help for Compliance Admins

The REPORTER system includes “Compliance Requirement” functionality that supports the tracking and enforcement of required training. In order for a course to be available for assignment, there must be a compliance requirement setup that identifies the course.

  • What is a Requirement? In most cases, a compliance requirement only consists of one course, and the requirement and the course are referred to by the same or similar names — however, depending on the requirement, there may be more than one course that needs to be or that can be taken to fulfill the requirement.

With Compliance Requirements, Compliance Admins can identify users as “Required” to complete a course (or courses) and track a due date that corresponds with their most recent completion of the course. The details associated with which specific course(s) need to be completed, and by which date(s) are setup as a Compliance Requirements, which can be can then be “Assigned” to users in the system to track if they are “In Compliance” according to the details of the Requirement.

If a requirement has not established, the course cannot be assigned as required; however, a Participant’s Supervisor and Course Admins of the course will be able to recommend it. Requirements can only be created and edited by high-level administrators; if you feel you have a need for a new requirement to be added to the REPORTER system use the link to submit a request.