Compliance Emails

There are two categories that Compliance emails fall under as it relates to when the emails are sent. Emails are either sent:

a). As a result of specific user action in the system.

b). On a specific schedule and depending on requirement settings and assignee compliance status.


Assignment Emails triggered by User Action (a) include:

Notification emails are sent depending on specific user actions in the system per the following:

  • Assignment Email: Notification to participant when training is assigned
  • Assign & Register Email: Notification sent when a user is assigned and registered for required training during a bulk import
  • Unassigned Email: Notification sent to user if their required training assignment is removed


Scheduled emails

Scheduled Emails (b) sent for Required Training:

Scheduled emails are sent on a periodic basis (daily, weekly) at a specific time to all relevant users per the following:

  • Upcoming Due Date email is a warning sent to assigned users that are approaching their due date in either 30, 14, or 1 day(s).
  • Due Date Passed Warning is the 1st Out of Compliance Warning sent to assigned users the day after they were due.
  • Out of Compliance Warning is a weekly warning to remind assigned users with a status of “Out Of Compliance” that action is still needed for them to be marked “In Compliance”.
  • Supervisor Notice – Out of Compliance: Weekly notice to Supervisors to alert them if they have employees who are out of compliance for a requirement.
  • Notice to Compliance Contact: Weekly notification to inform Compliance Contact if assigned users currently have a status of “Out of Compliance”.