Offering Online Training or Content with REPORTER

REPORTER Course Admins have the ability to create courses with individual instances that users are able to register for. Each instance represents an individual session or offering of the course, and within the instance setup are multiple options available for providing registered users with the information or access they need to complete the online content. This will include instructions for accessing the course in the registration email, and a button in REPORTER to “Access Online Content”. 

It is important to note that REPORTER is a system that manages registrations while providing numerous reporting and record keeping options for participants and course owners, but it does not host any course content or materials. In order to host digital course content or materials, Course Owners will need to use a Learning Management System (or LMS), streaming platform, or other independent system. By using an LMS, course owners can facilitate the delivery of videos, quizzes, course content, and more. Alternatively, if the online content doesn’t include activity components and will be delivered using Zoom or a similar application, Course Owners would not need to use an LMS.

If the course owner wants interactive content that tracks interaction information, the NC State’s Moodle System is highly recommended.
Moodle is the only online Learning Management System currently integrated with the REPORTER Registration system and offers course owners an automated management of access to online content and completion tracking. By connecting your Moodle Course with a REPORTER instance, registrants are automatically enrolled as participants within Moodle and provided a link to open the course. If the user completes all of the required activities per the setup within Moodle, their final attendance status in REPORTER will marked as ‘Complete’.

Integration refers to the interaction between the Moodle LMS and REPORTER Registration System that is supported by custom web services managed by DELTA and OIT. The web services allows REPORTER to send information to Moodle, and for Moodle to return information to REPORTER. The systems use the information received to perform certain actions such as enrolling a student into Moodle, or marking Final Attendance ‘Complete’ in REPORTER.

If a different option is utilized for hosting the online content, the course administrators are responsible for providing users with access information and tracking the completions via final attendance in REPORTER. Course Admins should also use instance and registration confirmation email notes to provide details to users regarding how they should access the online content.


When setting up your instance, you will see two settings that correspond to what system you are using:

  • Connect instance registrations to an existing Moodle LMS course.
  • Has External LMS Component

You should start by determining whether you will be using Moodle and/or another system. Depending on that decision, you will want to proceed per the details linked below.