Managing Certificate Programs

Please note that at this time, the Certificate Program functionality in REPORTER does not include the issuance of a Certificate document. Certificate Program Admins should manage the creation of certificates outside of REPORTER in whatever manner best suits the program’s needs. If there is a digital format of the instance available (such as a PDF), the REPORTER system can be used to send emails to specific individuals with the digital copy attached.

Another option that may be helpful for groups who have basic needs for a certificate, would be to use the ‘Completion Certificate’ functionality within a Course Instance. Instances can be setup to send a generic certificate to users once they are marked ‘Complete’ via final attendance on the instance. If your certificate program always concludes by users completing a specific course, the instances of that course could be used to deliver a certificate. For more about this option, please see these resources: Certificates of Completion Guide

Help Documentation for Certificate Program Admins