General User Tips

Collapsible Left Menu

The left side menu in REPORTER can be collapsed to allow for a bigger viewing area of dashboards and report. Simply click the ‘Hamburger Button’ located to the upper left of the menu.

Adjusting Report Columns & Viewing Cut-off text

Adjusting Column Widths Not all columns can be adjusted, however it is easy to determine which can and adjust them:
By hovering between two columns, you can determine if it can be resized.
To resize columns, hover the mouse in front of a column name until a double line enclosed in arrows appears. Click and drag to resize.

Sorting Columns & Adjustable vs Non

Not all tables will allow you to sort columns, however it is easy to determine which can and resort them:
By clicking on the heading of a column, you can determine if it is sortable. Once clicked, it will either display an arrow indicating the sort order, or nothing will happen.
If the arrow appears after being clicked, click the header which you would like to sort on. The arrow should appear by the column header indicating that it’s sorting. Clicking the header again will sort it in the opposite order.

Resize a Popup Window

When hovering on the corner or the side of a popup window, a double ended arrow cursor will appear. This can be clicked and dragged to resize the window.

At the top of each popup is a header section that describes the window. If the top of the window is double clicked, the window will be maximized on your screen.