Release 2.3.4 Information

REPORTER Release 2.3.4 will be moved to Production on Wednesday, June 15th around 9pm. We wanted to share with you additional information as to what development work is targeted for this Release.
  1. Mendix 9.21 Platform Upgrade: The Mendix platform will be be updated from 5.19 to 5.21. This will allow the Development team to take advantage of issue resolutions from the vendor.
  2. Financial Reports – The final set of Financial Reports updates are included in this Release.
  3. LMS Integration for Wolfware Outreach (REPORTER Functionality) – The REPORTER side integration functionality for Wolfware Outreach is included in this Release. This functionality represents the full cycle from registration to completion. Alan McCoy from DELTA will complete the Wolfware Outreach side of the integration in Production the morning of Friday, June 17th.