Release 2.3.5 Information

REPORTER Release 2.3.5 will be moved to Production on Wednesday, June 22nd around 9pm. We wanted to share with you additional information as to the development work targeted for this Release.

  1. Mendix 9.21 Platform Upgrade: The Mendix platform will be be updated from 5.19 to 5.21. This will allow the Development team to take advantage of issue resolutions from the vendor.  This was postponed from the 2.3.4 Release.
  2. Employee Data Load Updates: The Data Load of Employees from HR has been updated to add the Preferred Name.
  3. SSO/Deeplink: The issue in which users who logged in via Single Sing On (SSO) using Unity ID from a Course Deeplink lost the contents of their carts has been resolved.
  4. $0 Transactions Updating to a “Completed” status: The workflow for $0 Transactions has been updated so that they are moved to a status of “Completed” when the Shopping Cart Checkout is completed.
  5. Full Table Query > Registrations: (1) A “Date Created” field was added to the table, (2) the “Status” column header has been changed  to “Registration Status”, and (3) updated the Full Table Query > Registrations to be a true full query with no restraints, except for filtering out those “In Progress” lines which do not have Order #s assigned.