Release 2.3.5 Push to Production

We are on track for our push of Release 2.3.5 to Production this evening. All currently listed Items will be included in the Release.

Our next release is scheduled to be the 3.0 Release next week. Our goal is to have the candidate Release build in the QA environment by the evening of Monday, June 27th. QA Testing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday, June 29th. You will work with Cheri Pipkin and your Project Coordinator to schedule your testing sessions. Our target date for the deployment of Release 3 is the evening of Wednesday, June 29th. If we are not able to meet this timeline, we will push back the move to Production to the evening of Thursday, June 30th.

The contents of Release 3 will be all development items from Releases 2.3.1 through 2.3.5, as well as the following larger items which have taken multiple development cycles to complete and therefore have not been included in any previous Releases.

1. Prerequisite Updates: In an effort to make Prerequisites easier to find and use for Participants;

(1) removed Prerequisites from the Shopping Cart and moved them to the My Courses dashboard,
(2) redesigned the display of Prerequisites on the dashboard,  and
(3) added Delete and Replace functionality for documents.

2. Affiliate Updates: Streamline process for the request and creation of Affiliates.

3. Landing Page Updates: Creation of new Landing Pages for the REPORTER application. These pages are based on mockups that were approved previously.

4. Athletics Page: A new set of screens for use by the NC State Athletics Compliance Office for the documenting of NCAA rules and regulations training completed with coaches, athletes, and volunteers.

5. Formatting Review and Updates: Reviewed all pages, views, and reports for the formatting of Field Labels, Button Labels, and Column Headers across the application for consistency.

6. Additional Production Support Items