Release 4 Information

Thanks again to everyone for their support of REPORTER Release 3 to Production! We hope the current users have had an opportunity to review the new Release and is having a positive experience with it.

We have now begun work on Release 4! As always, we want to take what worked well from a process perspective for Release 3 and expand on that as we move forward. One of the opportunities we want to expand is an easy and convenient way for our stakeholders to monitor the Development Team’s progress on the Release. We also want to be more proactive and provide some target dates from a Project Management perspective so everyone can better plan ahead from a resourcing perspective. To those ends, we have created a new shared Google Sheet called “REPORTER Release 4” (see below). The Development Team will be updating the information on a daily basis, so you can always see what is in process.

There are two tabs in the spreadsheet.
  1. Target Content – Lists high-level information related to the content that has been selected for inclusion in Release 4. Please note that the order listed is not indicative of the order on which development work will be completed, nor priority.
  2. Target Schedule – Lists weekly iterations and targeted activities for that week. This will allow stakeholders to plan ahead for resources for requirements, testing, etc.

We will continue to use the “REPORTER Production Issues Log” spreadsheet to capture specific issues that are found in the application, as well as the issues ready for testing. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new spreadsheet concept. Our goal, as always, is to provide our clients with the tools they need to build a system that meets their business needs.

Reporter 4 Spreadsheet

 If there are additional people who require access to the Release 4 or Production Issues Log spreadsheets, please contact your Project Coordinator with Unity ID information.