Hot Fixes and Release 3.2

Yesterday, August 10th, at approximately 9pm REPORTER’s live environment was updated with three urgent hotfixes. These fixes include:

  1. The action to send the emails may kick off before we have committed the registrations to the database. Thus, the email action is finding no recipients when it looks in the database in some instances.
  2. In the Class Roster, if a user selects multiple recipients to resend the Confirmation email, the system is sending multiple copies to each recipient.
  3. If the action to update REPORTER with a successful payment from NelNet fails and the Admin completes the registrations via Finances > Orders tab, the system sent multiple Registration Completion emails to the recipients.

Tomorrow evening, August 11th, a Release 3.2 will be moved to the live environment including the follow changes and updates:

  • Hotfixes on the ability to resend email and email send error surrounding 2-factor authentication
  • Class Rosters – fixed an issue that kept certain users from seeing all fields
  • Corrected outstanding payment email template and online course template
  • Shopping cart rework
    • Drops are now done through a separate process than registrations
    • Ability to remove discounts from cart
  • Configured APIs (Second Phase)
  • Fixed issues reported in the Production Issues log