Release 3.4 is Live!

REPORTER was updated yesterday evening, September 8th, with Release 3.4.
The following items are included in this Release.
  1. Hotfixes
    1. Remove the “Important Notice” and “Items in cart require payment” messages from the Registration workflow in preparation for the use of iFrames.
    2. Addition of the Outage Announcement for the Rackspace cutover to the REPORTER Landing Page.
    3. Update to the Compliance Workflow to streamline the starting steps in the workflow and with Recommended Courses.
    4. Resolve an issue with the “X Days Prior to Start of Class” email being sent on multiple days.
    5. Format corrections to the “Outstanding Payment” email.
    6. Resolve an issue with the creation of new Instances.
  2. Move of REPORTER Production environment to Amazon Web Services
    1. Enabled use of iFrames for credit card payments
  3. Updates to Prerequsites functionality
  4. Updates to Athletics Student Load
  5. Email Templates Updates
    1. Updates to verbiage of various emails
  6. Tagging (Compliance) Rework
    1. Updates to email workflows.
    2. Addition of status for “New Assignment”
  7. Spreadsheet Items
    1. Email corrections, athletics fixes, compliance fixes, payment and financial fixes, instance fixes

You can continue following the Development Team’s progress via the Reporter 4 Spreadsheet.