Release 3.5 is Live

REPORTER was updated yesterday evening, September 22nd, with Release 3.5.
The following items are included in this Release.
  1. Rewording of drop denial email
  2. Add “Select All” button to ability to email from roster
  3. Automatic removal of Instructor role
  4. Addition of Building/Room Number to Registration Confirmation Email
  5. Add Upload of Files to Audit History
  6. Automatic removal of Subcategories when a Category is removed on the Athletics page
  7. Add Building/Room Number to View Details for Upcoming Courses
  8. Moved Overpaid Orders and Reconciled Orders to Refunds tab
  9. Rename left side menu item from “Financial Reports” to “Reports”
  10. Rename “Reports” submenu item to “Financial Reports”
  11. Addition of AM and PM to times in the Registration Confirmation email
  12. Update to Employee Load to remove previous Jobs from Profile

Please feel free to use the comment section below to leave any feedback, questions, or comments.