March 30th Steering Team Update

As a follow-up to the meeting, here is the materials and action items:

  • Meeting slidesThey have also been published to the support site.
  • Detailed Notes – These will not be published to the support site, but is available to Steering Team members.
  • Slide 5 has several links to the priorities, roadmap and production issue documentation.  Please review those documents and let me know if you have any questions.  At the next meeting, we’ll plan on going through those docs to make sure all items are being prioritized correctly and the process for adding new items is clear.  
Action Items:
  • Formalize the Onboarding Process – Jennifer and Lucy are working on documenting the process, data collection and approvals needed for the Steering Team to make decisions about potential new groups.  They’ll present this to the whole group as soon as it is completed.  
  • Formalize the API Request Process – Dev team will take lead, using our exiting API documentation and make sure all security, approval and procedural items are being confirmed by the requesting groups.  We’ll also check with Security & Compliance and make sure all standards are being met in these requests.  
Next Meeting:
  • Next meeting is scheduled for 4/25 @ 1pm in Avent Ferry, Room 203.  We’ll focus on development priorities, roadmap items and the data mart question, as well as an update on the action items.  If you have additional topics, please respond to this thread and we’ll get them added.