Update for March 2nd – March 23rd

System Updates

  • The REPORTER production environment will be updated this evening with the following changes. If you have questions about any of these changes or would like to know more about a specific one, please email us at reporter_support@ncsu.edu.
    • Made improvements to the schedule block section of instance edit to make adding/editing schedule blocks easier
    • Added ‘Webinar’ as a format option for instances
    • Improved emailed version of the REPORTER Training Summary
    • Added ability for participants to email themselves a copy of their Training Summary
    • Updated the instance reminder emails, including adding a setting to remind instructors of upcoming instances
    • Added a setting to allow copying supervisors on assignment emails
    • Marked required fields on payment postings
    • Added fields to the roster available to External Liaisons
    • Added additional search fields for financial reports
    • Added the suffix field in the additional roster information
    • Added identifying user information to the waitlist grid including department and contact information
    • Corrected an issue with Final Attendance Save and Close button
    • Fixed display issue with external user addresses on the Order Summary

Support Resources

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