Update for April 2nd – 19th

System Updates

  • The REPORTER production environment will be updated this Thursday evening, April 19th, with the changes detailed below.  These updates can be viewed prior to the change on Thursday evening in our test environment at go.ncsu.edu/reporterQA.

User Experience Updates:

  • New look and feel for the My Courses participant dashboard
  • Separated Attention Required messages into action items (now Attention Required) and informational messages (now Messages)
  • Added ‘Dismiss All’ options in both the Attention Required and Messages sections of the participant dashboard
  • Organized the Completed Courses section by completion date and added easy access to the Training Summary
  • Added easier access to online courses under the Upcoming Courses section by adding an  “Access Online Content” (formerly “Go to Course”) button

Additional Items:

  • Added ability to email a PDF copy of the training summary to yourself or others
  • Updated search capabilities on the Registration Reports
  • 2-Digit OUC search field has been fixed on Compliance by participant tab and other compliance reports
  • Renamed Course Report to Instance Report
  • Added a check to ensure that an instance has been saved before allowing bulk registrations
  • Added additional error checking to prevent duplicate discounts being configured on an instance
  • Corrected an issue where assignments set to copy supervisors were failing if users did not have a supervisor in the HR system
  • External users can now update their account password from the ‘Account Management’ tab under My Account>My Profile

Financial Updates:

  • Added ability for departments to accept SUB Payments for course registrationshelp guide
  • Updated name searching on multiple financials pages
  • Updated Order Summary for refunds
  • Consolidated tabs on Financial Reports and provided better searching capabilities
  • Added additional order research report
  • Added ability for Financial Admins to regenerate a new payment summary
  • Updated refund summary
  • Language added for Pay Later Options
  • Edits to Transaction Details report
  • We will be making significant changes to the external account creation and login processes this summer.  We have a demonstration/discussion scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th. Please contact us at reporter_support@ncsu.edu if you would like to attend this session.

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