System Updates for 3/9-3/14

REPORTER Highlight: Did you know? Confused about how your publish visibility settings on courses and instances will affect registrations? Check out our Registration Visibility help doc!


  • The Bulk Registration process was updated last week to accommodate instances with a registration cost. As a result, the bulk registration template has been updated. The new template can be downloaded from REPORTER and has also been included in the bulk registration help document. Please note that the Course ID and Instance ID columns are no longer required in the template.  If you attempt to run an import with the old template, you will receive an error.


  • The REPORTER Production environment has been updated with the following functionality:
    • The Bulk Drop feature is now available to all Course Admins.  For help with this new feature, visit our Bulk Drop help document
    • The prefix ‘COD’ has been added for the College of Design
    • Adjusted the Revenue Financial Report filtering
    • Fixed an issue with the Primary Instructor setting not copying when creating a new instance via the copy function
    • Corrected an issue causing the Roster’s View/Export More Detail report to not include Supervisors or OUCs
    • Updated the ‘Protection of Minors Compliance Dashboard’ link to take into account if a user has been previously added to a draft form
    • Added a filter on the Instance Financials tab to exclude dropped registrations by default
    • Added the ability for Course Liaisons to see all courses in their 2 digit OUC on the Course Report


  • DELTA performed maintenance and applied patches to the Moodle and WolfWare environments during March 11-13. During this time, sporadic outages were anticipated for online courses. Please make a note of the times and dates affected and review your courses to ensure participants did not experience issues during this window.
    • Any users trying to complete content in Moodle during this time may have experienced issues
    • Course completions from this window may be recorded in Moodle but are missing in REPORTER
    • You can review your Instance reports (roster, registration history, and LMS Post Log)  to determine if any registrants were not connected to Moodle during this window
    • Outage dates and details:


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