Guest Login changes Sunday, May 10th

This Sunday morning, May 10th 2020, Guest/External accounts will be renamed to “Brickyard accounts” to bring consistency to non-unity logins across campus systems. 

While there are no changes in functionality with this update, multiple visual and wording changes will be applied. The changes are being implemented to bring consistency to the naming of the non-Unity login system on campus, as described in this Sysnews post. A goal of this effort is to improve the ability for REPORTER users to identify if they are using the Unity Login or the Brickyard login. Additionally, after this change users should begin to recognize the Brickyard Login is a common login that allows access to multiple campus systems/services.

The changes being implemented with this update include visual changes to login buttons across the following campus systems: MyPack portal, REPORTER, Moodle Outreach, Moodle Projects, and Shibboleth. The login buttons for Guest/External registrants will be labeled “Brickyard Login” rather than “Guest Login”.  The color and position on the login pane will stay the same. 

A screenshot of the new login box that will be seen in REPORTER is available below. 

In addition to the login pane, the pages to create an account or update a password will be updated as well as the email messages sent when those account actions are complete.

The REPORTER Team is working to update documentation throughout the Support site to reflect these changes.  If you provide your own documentation for your external customers or wish to see the new screenshots for support purposes, please refer to this document for the changes REPORTER users will see.


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