System Update for July 2020

REPORTER Highlight: Bulk Registration Enhancement The bulk import feature for instance registrations has been expanded to allow Course Administrators to bulk register related registrations and accept one payment for the order. Please see the updated Bulk Registration documentation here.


  • The following updates were applied during recent updates to the REPORTER production environment.
    • Added waitlist functionality for online instances
    • Modified the email confirmation for webinar instances.  Registrants should now be logging in to REPORTER at the time of the webinar to access the “Go to Webinar” button.  This process will work the same way that Online instances work.  Registrants will only get the “Go to Webinar” button once the order has been paid in full.  
    • Resolved an issue with registrations for $0 instances that were getting stuck ‘in progress’ resulting in failed Moodle connections.
    • Corrected an issue where class times for some instances were being displayed on the order summary page incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue preventing External Liaisons from seeing courses on the Course Rosters tab
    • Updated reports on the Participant’s My Profile page to account for Youth Activities, Certificate Programs, and instances without Final Attendance (those instances that are no longer upcoming but have not yet been completed with attendance)


Have you checked out the REPORTER resources quick reference sheet? Take a look at the recently updated version at! To report issues, provide feedback, or get information about a previous request, please contact us at New Moodle documentation and support will be shared early next week.

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